Other Students

Others interested in attending classes at UNC Asheville may also apply for admission. The requirements vary depending upon the type of admission desired. In all cases students must provide verification of compliance with the North Carolina immunization requirement.

Returning Students

Any UNC Asheville student who interrupts their educational program must apply for readmission. A $20 non-refundable application fee is required.

Students who have attended another school since leaving UNC Asheville should complete Transfer Student admission application.

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Returning Students Apply Online

Application Dates

  • Fall: February 1 – August 1
  • Spring: September 1 – January 12
  • Summer: February 1 – May 31

Non-Degree Students

Applicants who wish to take college courses but have no clear intention of obtaining a degree may be admitted to the university as non-degree students. Students who have been denied admission for reasons of academic deficiency, or previously enrolled students who have been dismissed, may not then be enrolled as non-degree students. A $35 non-refundable application fee is required. If you have any questions, please contact the Academic Success Center at asc@unca.edu.

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Apply online as a non-degree seeking student

Application Dates

Fall: March 1 – August 1
Spring: September 1 – January 12
Summer: March 1 – May 31

Post-Baccalaureate Options

Second-Degree Seeking Students

Applicants who already hold a baccalaureate degree from UNC Asheville or other regionally accredited institutions (minimum 2.0 GPA) and wish to pursue a second baccalaureate degree. Students must declare the major for their second degree upon admission, unless prerequisite requirements are needed for entry to the UNCA program. 

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Major Declaration Form

Application Dates

  • Fall Deadline: April 15
  • Spring Deadline: November 15

Teacher Licensure

Post-Baccalaureate teacher licensure applicants must have a 2.7 minimum cumulative grade point average in their baccalaureate degree in order to be considered for the teacher licensure program. Those who wish to take college courses to renew their licensure may be admitted to the university as non-degree students. It is recommended that prospective students interested in teacher licensure contact UNC Asheville’s Department of Education at 828.251.6304.

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Lateral Entry Teachers

The State Board of Education is phasing out the “Lateral Entry Pathway.” This pathway will no longer be offered effective June 30, 2019. The entire lateral entry route will formally close and all candidates employed under this license option must have all requirements satisfied as of June 20, 2022.

NC Early College Students

Students that graduate from NC Cooperative Innovative High Schools (early colleges) and complete an A.A., A.S., or A.F.A. degree during their high school career are given the option to choose the academic criteria under which they are reviewed for admission.  Students may select to be evaluated under first-year admissions standards or transfer student standards.  Apart from the admissions criteria, these students will be considered first-year freshmen as it pertains to housing, class registration, etc.

Students that select to be reviewed as transfer applicants must adhere to particular transfer requirements.

Home School Applicants

Students who are home-schooled should follow the instructions for either Beginning Freshman or Transfer students, as applicable to the individual student. In addition to the requirements listed, North Carolina residents must submit a copy of the home school eligibility information issued by the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Instruction. Non-North Carolina residents must submit official documentation indicating the home school is approved to provide instruction. Official final transcripts for admitted students should include the notarized signature of the home school administrator.

Dual Enrollment for High School Students

Rising high school seniors may apply for Dual Enrollment Admission to UNC Asheville for the purpose of taking courses not offered by their high school. Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Course enrollment at UNC Asheville is determined by availability of space in the classes selected. There is no application fee. Applications for Dual Enrollment are valid for one semester only. You must submit a new application for each additional semester that you wish to take UNC Asheville courses. All tuition and fees associated with enrollment are due at the time of registration.

Dual Enrollment is closed for Fall 2023. Students who wish to submit a Dual Enrollment Application for Spring 2024 should check back after September 1 for updated information.

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Application Dates


Seniors Wishing to Audit Courses

Tuition Free Seniors Auditors (65+ years of age)

Seniors 65 and older who are not currently enrolled as a degree-seeking student at UNC Asheville and wish to audit a class tuition-free will need to submit an application to the Academic Success Center. Senior auditors are required to provide documentation to prove eligibility (proof of age and NC residence) through a driver’s license, state id card, or other government-issued document at the time of application. Audit registration for seniors is on a seat availability only and will be processed starting the same date as non-degree student registration. Applications will not be accepted after the drop/add period.

Note: If you register for more than four (4) credit hours, you will need to comply with the immunization requirements under North Carolina state law. Please contact the Health and Counseling Center at 828.251.6887 for more information.

Application Dates

Fall: March 1 – August 1
Spring: October 1 – January 1
Summer: March 1 – May 31

Registration Open Dates

Fall: July 15
Spring: December 15
Summer: April 15