Anthropology majors at UNC Asheville explore the intricacies of human existence while forging connections across disciplines, immersing themselves in a journey of discovery and understanding.

Why Choose UNC Asheville’s Anthropology Program?

Student and Alumni Spotlight

Anthropology Majors Learn Outside the Classroom

The path toward a UNC Asheville anthropology degree isn’t necessarily that of a traditional undergraduate education — our students learn beyond the four walls of the classroom through research and internship opportunities, campus events, and participation in student clubs and organizations.

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Anthropology Internships

We want our students to thrive during their time at UNC Asheville and after graduation. That’s why anthropology majors take ANTH 305, a four-hour course exploring career options and guiding students as they envision their professional path. This internship course requires that students secure their placement, and support in the form of events and meetings help familiarize them with local agencies with available internships.

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Campus Events

Chocolate Tuesdays are opportunities for anthropology majors to learn about specific topics and network within their major and with sociology students. Each event offers free chocolate and may focus on subjects ranging from career or graduate school discussion sessions to discipline-specific events led by faculty or guest speakers.

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Student Clubs & Orgs

The Sociology and Anthropology Club is open to all students interested in the related majors. In the past, the Club has organized advising sessions, academic success sessions, fishbowl discussions, interest meetings, and presentations featuring subject matter experts. For example, in 2020, the group organized and sponsored a speaking event and masterclass by Candis Cox, a transgender woman of color and vocal transgender and minority rights advocate in North Carolina and across the globe.

Meet the Faculty

In the Department of Sociology & Anthropology, build mentoring relationships with our diverse and interdisciplinary group of faculty members. Among these experts are those with experience conducting research on five continents. Our dedicated faculty work to assist students in comprehending and engaging with the complexities of the world.

Anthropology Degree Careers & Outcomes

An excellent place to explore and inform your interest in anthropology, UNC Asheville and our comprehensive course offerings build a solid foundation of knowledge applicable to an array of professions. Many students use their bachelor’s in anthropology as a stepping stone for master’s or Ph.D. programs, while others plan to pursue curatorial, nonprofit, or community work. 

Recent graduates achieved careers in a range of disciplines or gained acceptance into graduate programs at highly respected institutions.

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Investigate Social and Cultural Life in UNC Asheville’s Anthropology Degree Program

A bachelor’s in anthropology helps deepen your appreciation of other ways of life, different systems of belief and knowledge, and perhaps most importantly, equips you with a better understanding of the world in which we live. At UNC Asheville, your curiosity guides you toward discovery, connecting the dots on some of the world’s most pressing issues.

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