Your creative visions spring to life as an art major at UNC Asheville, where curiosity meets critical thinking, and imagination has the power to make an impact. 

Why Study Art at UNC Asheville?

Student/Alumni Spotlight

Outside the Classroom

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At UNC Asheville, your art education spans beyond the classroom — we have multiple galleries across campus to host student, faculty, and visiting artist exhibitions. All senior-level students produce a major body of work in the form of a solo or group exhibition and portfolio, which serves as strong preparation for postgraduate work. All students are also encouraged to learn outside of the studio and gain professional experience through internships at local museums and galleries.

Faculty and Staff

With a faculty of acclaimed artists and art historians within the thriving arts scene of Asheville, UNC Asheville’s art programs offer rigorous training in the creative sector. Students pursuing their BFA degree, BA degree, or K-12 licensure find support and guidance as they apply their skills in and out of the classroom.

Art Major Careers & Outcomes

UNC Asheville’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) programs open up opportunities in various creative industries. While the specific career paths may vary depending on individual interests, skills, and experiences, students may consider careers in graphic art direction, museum curation, teaching, conservation or restoration, gallery management, illustration, art writing or criticism, or freelance work. Students often have the flexibility to explore different paths and combine their artistic skills with other interests or disciplines.

UNC Asheville students who have graduated with BA and BFA degrees have diverse paths, ranging from esteemed graduate programs to employment in the arts and other industries. Some graduates maintain successful careers as studio artists showcasing their work in national and international galleries. Several have achieved notable awards and accolades, such as being the principal photographer at The New York Times or working in leading universities across the nation. Our graduates have attained graduate positions at universities, including Clemson University, Columbia University, Georgetown University, Indiana University, and many others.

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Embrace Your Creativity as an Art Major at UNC Asheville 

Discover your true potential in UNC Asheville’s art programs as you delve into one of our six dynamic concentrations tailored to ignite your creative spark and deepen your knowledge of history, critique, and craft. Whether you want to hone your fine skills, prepare for graduate school, or enter the field of education, our major can help you achieve your goals.

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