Small class sizes, virtually unlimited access to faculty, and a challenging yet rewarding curriculum make UNC Asheville an ideal place to earn your atmospheric sciences degree.

Why Study Atmospheric Sciences at UNC Asheville?

Student Spotlight

Outside the Classroom

In our Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Sciences program, we go above and beyond surface-level observations to explore the intricacies of the atmosphere. As an atmospheric science major, you gain a comprehensive understanding of meteorological phenomena, climate dynamics, and atmospheric interactions as you engage in clubs and organizations, internships, and more.

some atmospheric science students doing some field work

Clubs & Organizations

The UNC Asheville Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society nurtures your career development and encourages you to build lasting connections with your peers. The chapter organizes social gatherings, invites experts in meteorology and climatology to speak, and facilitates professional networking opportunities both within and outside our campus.

atmospheric science students at the National weather center


UNC Asheville provides exceptional internship opportunities that can help jump-start your career goals. Previous students completed internships at several highly regarded institutions, including National Weather Service forecast offices in the region, NCEI, The Collider, the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites (CICS), NASA, and others.

Students in Ponder Hall at night

The Cloud

As an atmospheric sciences major, you have access to The Cloud, a community that enables you to live and work collaboratively with your peers. In The Cloud, you form strong bonds with your classmates and those with similar interests, strengthening your support networks and achieving improved academic performance. In addition to scholarly activities, you can also engage in fun extracurricular opportunities and build long-lasting relationships.

Meet the Faculty

Faculty members, not teaching assistants, teach our small classes, and unlike larger institutions, our atmospheric sciences department and University focus completely on undergraduate success. Knowledgeable, dedicated, and nationally recognized faculty members emphasize a quality education with close student-faculty interaction.

Atmospheric Science Degree Careers

Our curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and scientific inquiry, preparing you for a rewarding career in atmospheric research and environmental stewardship. Your concentration area provides valuable context for you to grow your abilities in ways that bring real value to your future workplace. Students may become meteorologists, climate analysts or researchers, weather forecasters, and more. Some of our alumni also pursue graduate degrees to advance their education and career.

UNC Asheville’s Department of Atmospheric Sciences graduates find meaningful and dynamic careers in various fields, including broadcast meteorology, climate science, emergency management, and hurricane specialization.

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Embrace Your Passion in UNC Asheville’s Atmospheric Science Major

Our Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Sciences gives you a comprehensive education in real-world contexts and applications of the discipline. Your liberal arts education is enriched by hands-on learning experiences and three specialized concentrations, allowing you to delve deeper into your passions and prepare for your career.

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