2+2 engineering students spend their first one or two years at UNC Asheville’s close-knit, liberal arts campus, then transfer to NC State to complete their bachelor’s degree in engineering. This is for all engineering majors offered by NC State except Mechatronics.

Why Study Engineering at UNC Asheville and NC State?

Two engineering students working together in the STEAM studio

Tradition of Excellence

The Joint NCSU/UNCA 2+2 Engineering Program began as a way for students in Western North Carolina to earn an engineering degree while having the opportunity to stay close to home for the first two years. The track record of the 2+2 Program is strong — since 1983, approximately 420 students have transferred from UNC Asheville to the NC State College of Engineering. UNC Asheville has been one of the largest and strongest sources of engineering transfer students for many years, and students are well prepared at UNC Asheville for the rigors of NC State engineering.

Two engineering students in a class, one of them raising an arm while talking

Dynamic Academic Journey

In this joint program, students can leverage both UNC Asheville’s liberal arts education and NC State’s world-class engineering program. At NC State, campus activities, student engineering societies, career development assistance, and interaction with more advanced students provide transfer engineering students with valuable experiences and access to new opportunities.

Student Spotlight

Engineering Majors Outside the Classroom

Asheville’s vibrant community nurtures students’ creativity and curiosity — from engaging with student clubs and organizations to attending campus events, UNC Asheville students thrive in their academic life.

engineering students using an electric race car for SAE

Student Clubs & Orgs

A team of students from UNC Asheville are members of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) collegiate chapter. They are currently collaborating on a project to design an electric race car for the Formula SAE Electric competition in Lincoln, Nebraska. Additionally, the chapter hosts skill-sharing sessions, community service events, and joint meetings with professionals from the Carolina Section of SAE. Most of the group’s activities take place at UNC Asheville’s STEAM Studio, which is located near the campus and spans 11,000 square feet of innovative space.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a national technical association that comprises 39 technical societies. Dedicated to publishing, organizing conferences, and building technical communities, these societies prioritize member outreach, both locally and globally, and focus on the specialized interests of their members. Membership in these societies is beneficial as it keeps students informed about the latest developments in the field, enables them to connect with colleagues, and helps them invest in their future.

An engineering student and professor working with some equipment in the STEAM studio


Students in the Joint NCSU/UNCA 2+2 Engineering Program have normal UNC Asheville student status and don’t follow a separate admission process. Apply to UNC Asheville to get started.

We strongly suggest that students should express their interest in engineering as early as possible to ensure their successful enrollment in the 2+2 engineering program. The best time to do this is during the UNC Asheville admission application process or on the form for the Registrar’s Office after acceptance and offer of admission. If necessary, students can also indicate their interest during EmBark orientation or registration. By doing so, the Joint Program’s Associate Director can ensure enrollment in the appropriate classes.

Note that transfer to North Carolina State University is not guaranteed, and students must meet the transfer requirements for NCSU.

UNC Asheville and NC State Faculty

In the 2+2 engineering bachelor’s degree program, learn from NC State University and UNC Asheville faculty members. While on the Asheville campus, experience small class sizes and a tight-knit liberal arts atmosphere. When you transfer to NC State, award-winning faculty ease your transition to the full College of Engineering experience..

Careers & Outcomes

A Bachelor of Science in Engineering is a versatile degree, especially depending on the area in which a student chooses to specialize. Students who graduate from the joint 2+2 program blend their background in liberal arts with a strong foundation in mathematics and science, ultimately making them highly marketable candidates for employment or graduate school.

Among the more than 400 students who have completed their BS in engineering jointly with UNC Asheville and NC State, graduates have attained employment at top companies and have also found success in graduate programs at respected universities across the nation.

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Join UNC Asheville and NC State to Earn Your Engineering Bachelor’s Degree

Our Joint NCSU/UNCA Engineering Programs blend liberal arts traditions with STEM resources, providing a best-in-class education that enables you to find success in your career or graduate education. Start your journey toward a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree at UNC Asheville!

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