In the neuroscience minor, you develop an understanding of how neural systems give rise to thought and behavior and build connections across disciplines.

Why Study Neuroscience at UNC Asheville?

Outside the Classroom

At UNC Asheville, your education extends beyond the traditional classroom setting. Experiential learning enhances your understanding of neuroscience and forges connections between the subjects you study.

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Gain Experience in Healthcare

Our Pre-Health Professions Program assists students in preparing for their future careers in the health field. As graduate schools and employers in this industry increasingly seek applicants with real-world experience, UNC Asheville’s Pre-Health Professions Program aids students in obtaining practical knowledge of health services.

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Join a Student-Led Club

Neuroscience minors can look forward to joining a club aligned with their area of study, such as the Aspiring Healthcare Professionals, the Society of Physics Students, or Women in STEM. They may also consider organizations that fulfill their passions unrelated to science and technology, like the Student Government Association or The Blue Banner, our student-run newspaper. With more than 60 groups to choose from, students have ample opportunity to engage with their peers meaningfully.


Our distinguished faculty, composed of experts in human health, wellness, and psychology, nurture students as they explore neuroscience through a breadth of study. Students experience mentorship and support at each step in the neuroscience program, from foundational to more advanced topics.

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Neuroscience Careers & Outcomes

A minor in neuroscience can open doors to advanced education in science, including medical school or master’s and doctoral programs. Given that students can combine the minor with any major at UNC Asheville, the career paths for our graduates are diverse. Some students enter the workforce promptly upon graduation, while others consider graduate school the next step toward their goals.

Recent graduates of the program have achieved acceptance to competitive and renowned programs across the nation or obtained employment with top companies.

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Your Curiosity Meets Discovery in UNC Asheville’s Neuroscience Minor

The neuroscience minor encourages and celebrates your intellectual curiosity, empowering you to create interdisciplinary connections and develop a broad understanding of neural systems and their impact on thought and behavior. Learn from the expertise of our faculty as they guide you through hands-on experiences, lively discussions, and research projects that bring the subject to life.

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