Students with a passion for language, history, philosophy, art, politics, law, mythology, psychology — and anything else that influences culture — thrive as ancient Mediterranean studies majors.

Why Study Greek and Latin Language, History, and Culture?

Outside the Classroom

Our commitment to providing a well-rounded education extends beyond the classroom. Students pursuing their bachelor’s in ancient Mediterranean studies participate in extracurricular activities, attend events, and immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural and intellectual community of UNC Asheville.

Someone planting in the ancient garden next to whitesides hall

Ancient Gardens

We invite students to apply their knowledge of agriculture in UNC Asheville’s Ancient Gardens, which grow next to the Ancient Mediterranean Studies Department’s home in Whitesides Hall, complete with a working sundial, herbs, and a small vineyard.

student orgs tabling outside brown hall

Student Clubs & Orgs

Students interested in the ancient world have two modern-day organizations to share their interests: The Ancient Mediterranean Club and the Honor Society, Eta Sigma Phi – Eta Tau Chapter. Created to connect and support students on their academic journey, these organizations welcome individuals passionate about the study of all aspects of ancient Mediterranean cultures and the literature of ancient Greece and Rome.

students learning ancient spear and shield combat


Events bring students together with the broader campus community and encourage dialogue between students of all majors. These opportunities include events such as the biennial Festival of Dionysus of the Mountain South, departmental teas, pancake dinners, and the hoplite battles on Reynolds Green.

Ancient Mediterranean Studies Faculty

Actively engaged in all areas of the field, from literature to ethics and religion to archaeology, UNC Asheville’s Ancient Mediterranean Studies faculty share their passion with students as they encourage them to build connections between language, history, art, mythology, and beyond.

Careers & Outcomes

Versatile and applicable to a wide array of exciting career opportunities, a bachelor’s in ancient Mediterranean studies helps students find careers in education, the arts, government, law, communications, the nonprofit sector, and more. Equipped with valuable skills such as critical thinking, analysis, and communication, students navigate and excel in diverse fields. Rather than set students on a single path, the ancient Mediterranean studies major empowers them to apply their acquired knowledge and expertise across a myriad of disciplines.

In addition to the various job possibilities available to them, our graduates find success in graduate programs across the nation. With the rigorous education and faculty support from UNC Asheville’s ancient Mediterranean studies program, students gain entry into top-ranked colleges and universities.

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Spark Discovery in UNC Asheville’s Ancient Mediterranean Studies Major

In the Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Mediterranean Studies program, explore the richness of history, culture, and language and prepare for diverse career prospects. Here, you experience hands-on learning supported by our expert faculty as you expand your knowledge, deepen connections between disciplines, and engage in clubs, organizations, and more.

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