Learn to clearly formulate questions, examine assumptions logically, think critically, propose reasoned answers, and defend your position—a skill set that translates to many diverse professions.

Why Study Philosophy at UNC Asheville?

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Thought-Provoking Curriculum

Designed to challenge and broaden your horizons, the philosophy major provides a strong liberal arts foundation. As you deepen your understanding of core topics, enrich your learning through discussion-based classes and reading and writing assignments. Study and critique some of the greatest philosophers from Western and non-Western traditions as you prepare for a range of career opportunities.

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Outside the Classroom

When you pursue a B.A. in philosophy at UNC Asheville, your education goes beyond the traditional classroom experience. Engage in student clubs and activities and participate in campus events that complement your academic pursuits and foster connections within the campus community.

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Events, Workshops, and Lectures

UNC Asheville’s active Philosophy Department hosts events, workshops, conferences, and guest speakers covering a wide breadth of philosophical fields of study. Past meetings included the Biennial Conference on the Philosophy of Disability and the Southern Appalachian Undergraduate Philosophy Conference.

In 2021, the department also hosted “Emphasis on Ethics: Bridging Traditions and Disciplines,” a full-day symposium dedicated to exploring possibilities for infusing the curriculum with opportunities for discussion of and teaching about ethics, both as theory and as practice.

Recent guest lectures have included “Spiritual Ecology Of the Vedas: A Look at Village India as a Model for Sustainable Living,” “Observing the Invisible: The Hunt for Dark Matter with Computer Simulations,” and “Love’s Authority: Medieval Women Contemplatives and the Power of Mystical Union.”

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Philosophy: We Got Women!

The Philosophy Department’s series, “Philosophy: We Got Women!” brings students together to discuss issues for women in philosophy and/or in academia broadly. Our discourse takes root in our central question: Is women’s experience of philosophy, including classes, significantly different than men’s? We also invite students to open the floor for discussion of any other topics of interest.

Meet the Faculty

Experts in their field, our philosophy faculty members guide you through your academic journey and encourage you to approach your studies with curiosity and an open mind. With small class sizes, you build mentoring relationships and receive personalized instruction, ensuring a rich and impactful learning experience.

Careers & Outcomes

A philosophy bachelor’s degree equips students with essential skills in critical thinking, analysis, and communication, making them a valuable asset in various career paths. Graduates with a B.A. can pursue careers as educators, researchers, writers, and more. Some students also consider enrolling in seminary or pursuing graduate studies to achieve a career in higher education, law, military intelligence, or social work, as well as applied ethics in business, the environment, medicine, and more.

UNC Asheville graduates have gone on to find success in prestigious institutions and graduate programs across the nation, showcasing the versatility and impact of a philosophy major.

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Begin Your Intellectual Endeavors in UNC Asheville’s Philosophy Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy program at UNC Asheville invites you to embark on a profound intellectual journey, exploring the fundamental questions that shape our understanding of the world. With an abundance of learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom and faculty mentorship, you graduate well-prepared for a meaningful career.

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