People have always told stories to explore what it means to be human. UNC Asheville’s English major consists of a supportive community of readers, writers, and scholars contributing to this ever-changing story.

Why Study English at UNC Asheville?

English Student & Alumni Spotlight

English Majors Outside the Classroom

Hands-on learning is a big part of UNC Asheville’s liberal arts approach to education. Students can apply their knowledge and explore their interests and potential careers through student clubs and organizations, internships, and by attending and participating in exhibitions and other art events. 

The Literature Club welcomes all students interested in the study of literature and language. We meet to participate in the exchange of ideas as well as sponsor visiting writers and literary scholars to speak on UNC Asheville’s campus. The club also helps arrange student-faculty parties to advance the camaraderie of the department and further develop mentoring relationships.

Two students talking to a recruiter at a job/internship fair

Internships for English Majors

Gain experience writing across diverse contexts, developing strong professional communication skills, and learning new technologies. There are a variety of opportunities for English majors to explore writing and language in the workplace through semester-long internships with community agencies like local nonprofits, publishers, and businesses. Students can assist with services such as acquisitions, copy editing, content writing, event planning, social media management, and more.

Students in the writing camp

Great Smokies Writing Program

The Great Smokies Writing Program (GSWP) provides opportunities for UNC Asheville English majors and members of the community to work on the craft of writing in workshops and seminars. Workshops may be specific to fiction, poetry, or nonfiction or could be genre-specific. 

The workshops and seminars offered in this program are available for credit toward your degree and may be offered both online or in person, making it even easier for you to gain hands-on experience honing your craft.


A student presenting a research project at a symposium

Undergraduate Research

Your English degree at UNC Asheville is made all the more valuable by the opportunities you’ll have to conduct research through the Undergraduate Research Program (URP). Through the URP, you can dive deeper into what you’re curious about and work alongside faculty members as you execute a research project that adds to the body of knowledge in your field. Your undergraduate research work will equip you with skills that you can translate into your career and can even set you up for success if you’re considering pursuing graduate studies.

Meet the English Faculty

Our English faculty are active in their fields, publishing their scholarship and creative work. Our department brings noteworthy writers to campus for readings, workshops, and conversation. Many of our students conduct independent and faculty-mentored research, publish in the University’s literary journal Headwaters, and are active in Asheville’s vibrant writing community.

 English Degree Careers & Outcomes

Through seminar-style discussion and project-based learning, English majors learn how to analyze texts, think critically, and communicate their knowledge and ideas. These skills, among others you’ll develop through the program, are highly valuable in today’s marketplace. Depending on which industry you pursue in your career, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that careers for those with an English degree are expected to increase between 4%–12%, resulting in ample opportunities for you to shape your career path.

With an English bachelor’s degree, you can pursue careers in industries such as education, writing, communications, marketing, library management, or publishing. Some students may even consider applying to graduate programs to continue their study of literature in pursuit of becoming an English professor or to pivot into a different field, such as law or business. This is to say, a degree in English literature is versatile, and UNC Asheville graduates enjoy meaningful careers as teachers, professional writers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and beyond.

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Experience Literature Like Never Before in UNC Asheville’s English Major

From our strong liberal arts core to our seemingly endless opportunities for hands-on engagement with literature and the writing craft, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of North Carolina Asheville gives you an undergraduate experience unlike any other.

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