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Why Pursue a Language Degree at UNC Asheville?

Student and Alumni Spotlight

Languages and Literatures Outside the Classroom

Students in the Languages and Literatures major participate in internships, student clubs and activities, and campus events. These experiences shape their education and help build lasting connections across the campus community.

Melchor Gamez discusses his time working with Hola Carolina magazine in Asheville


Hands-on internships allow Languages and Literatures majors to hone their skills in practical settings. These experiences prepare students for what they may encounter in their career, ultimately equipping them with the adaptability many employers seek.

A person looking at some items at a Christmas market hosted by the UNCA German club

Student Clubs & Activities

Put your German skills into action with the German Club, which holds Kaffee und Kuchen, a biweekly event welcome to all levels of German speakers, as well as a monthly German Film Night.

Students can also engage with the French Conversation Table, another fun option for students to practice their language skills with others and foster connections with their peers.

Faculty in the Languages & Literatures Department

Languages and Literatures faculty are either native speakers of the language they teach or have extensive experience abroad, and UNC Asheville’s small classes make it easy for students to connect with professors to build mentoring relationships and receive personalized instruction.

BA in Languages & Literatures Career Outcomes

A degree in Languages and Literatures prepares students for a variety of career paths that involve strong communication, analytical, and critical thinking abilities. Language skills are highly valuable as more employers seek individuals with a strong foundation in a second language. With such a versatile degree, students can become translators or interpreters, copywriters, technical writers, teachers, and more.

Recent graduates utilize their language degree in positions at respected companies and institutions across the nation, and some students gain acceptance to graduate schools to advance their education.

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Study a Foreign Language in UNC Asheville’s Languages and Literatures Major

A languages and literatures degree prepares you for an exciting role in engaging with diverse cultures and building connections across communities. Our hands-on learning opportunities, faculty mentorship, and study abroad options enrich your studies and prepare you for a meaningful career.

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