In the economics major, we ask big questions to uncover meaningful answers. Guided by economic principles, these answers solve global issues from poverty to the environment.

Why Major in Economics at UNC Asheville?

Student and Alumni Spotlights

Outside the Classroom

Hands-on learning is a big part of UNC Asheville’s liberal arts approach to education. Students can apply their knowledge and explore their interests and potential careers through student clubs and organizations, internships, and by attending and participating in events and competitions.

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Lead a Research Project

All economics majors undertake a research project, a résumé-building experience that adds immense value whether students plan on attending graduate school or heading straight into their career. Research opportunities may present themselves through the Undergraduate Research Program or a capstone project in ECON 450, where students will explore a topic and prepare a research proposal. This proposal is implemented in the following semester in ECON 480. Students can pursue their interests in a range of possible topics, from the ROI of a city’s renewable energy project to the cost of locally produced foods to the price of NBA tickets. 

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In the last year, economics students have found internships at companies such as AG Analytics, Pine Gate Renewables, and Earth Equity Advisors, a local ESG investment firm. In their work, they report learning how data is used for calculating financial and climate risk, as well as the nuances of transitioning to a more sustainable energy grid and how to put money to work to make sustainable changes to our world – all essential skills for anyone interested in finance, business, policy, or sustainability. 

Learn More About Internships
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Our economics events and guest speaker lectures cover a variety of topics such as global poverty, economic trends, race, growth and inequity, international financial crises, the economics of sports, and the economics of terrorism. Additionally, we offer informational sessions on Masters in Economics and Public Policy programs. The department also offers class-based field trips career-preparedness, having worked in conjunction with organizations such as the Atlanta Federal Reserve and the Money Museum.

Meet the Faculty

Small class sizes and our liberal arts focus make the economics major ideal for students seeking a personalized education. Our supportive faculty mentor students through their studies and guide them as they take on research projects, encouraging their curiosity and independence at every step of the way.

Economics Bachelor’s Degree Careers

Through our robust curriculum and hands-on opportunities, UNC Asheville economics majors acquire important skills employers seek in a variety of fields, including finance, small business, education, the nonprofit sector, government, and more. Many graduates also use their research experience as a stepping stone to graduate school in economics and data analytics or professional school in business and law. For all students, their experiences at UNC Asheville are essential to their critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability. Alumni of the Economics Department at UNC Asheville have gained employment at companies such as Fidelity, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, and Nationwide Insurance.

Others have chosen to undertake entrepreneurship, both locally and nationally, or pursued research careers at RTI International. We are also proud that several recent alumni have attended graduate school in various fields including Economics, Finance, Business Administration (MBA), Business Analytics, and Museum Studies. Those seeking a graduate degree in economics, finance, and data analytics have gone on to top schools, including Duke, American, Clark, Villanova, Vanderbilt, California-Davis, Wake Forest, North Carolina, and University of Miami, as well as UNC-Greensboro’s highly regarded terminal economics master’s program.

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Research Your Interests and Hone Your Skills in UNC Asheville’s Economics Major

Our Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree program allows you to connect with contemporary issues as you develop your skills in meaningful, impactful research opportunities. Supportive faculty, scholarship opportunities, and student clubs and organizations enrich your educational experience and prepare you to excel in your future endeavors.

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