Through a comprehensive curriculum with built-in hands-on learning, the accountancy major prepares you to become a thoughtful leader and successful decision-maker in your profession.

Why Study Accounting at UNC Asheville?

Student Spotlight

Outside the Classroom

Students pursuing their bachelor’s in accountancy at UNC Asheville experience an education like no other. Situated in a thriving and eclectic community, our students find abundant opportunities to learn outside the classroom through study abroad, undergraduate research, and beyond.

Study Business and Accounting Abroad

Between options for studying abroad during the summer, semester, or for an entire year, our students find ample opportunity to engage with their peers across the globe. UNC Asheville is a partner institution to many colleges and universities around the world, allowing students to forge international connections. 

In May 2024, the Business Department will take business and accounting majors to Ghana—learn more about this trip!

A student showing an undergraduate research project at a symposium

Pursue Undergraduate Research

Home to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), UNC Asheville is a hub of knowledge and innovation. Accountancy majors can participate in our Undergraduate Research and Program (URP), which allows them to work alongside a faculty member to conduct research for possible publication or presentation on or off campus.

Accounting Faculty

Leaders in their field and dedicated mentors, our faculty members encourage and support accountancy majors and minors as they hone their skills and prepare for life after graduation. They lead study abroad programs, conduct research that advances the discipline, and make UNC Asheville a welcoming place to try new things and reach unexpected heights.

 Careers & Outcomes

A bachelor’s in accountancy can open up various career opportunities in the fields of finance, accounting, and business. With their diverse skill set, including analysis, decision-making, efficiency, management, accuracy, and compliance with regulations, accountancy majors can find employment opportunities in the corporate world, government agencies, or other business sectors. They might obtain job titles such as accountant, controller, consultant, analyst, CPA, or auditor.

UNC Asheville Bachelor of Science in Accountancy graduates achieve success in a wide range of industries, and some of our alumni have pursued graduate degrees in finance, accounting, business, or related disciplines.

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Your Path to Financial Mastery Starts in UNC Asheville’s Accountancy Major

Designed to empower you with a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles, financial analysis, and strategic decision-making, the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree program goes beyond the basics. Here, you immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment where theory meets hands-on experience, preparing you for success in your career.

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