In the American Indian and Indigenous Studies minor, work in an interdisciplinary framework of materials, methodologies, and cross-cultural comparisons from the social sciences and humanities.

Why Study Native American History, Culture, Language, and More?

Native American Studies Student Spotlight

Outside the Classroom

As you delve into Native American studies, we enable you to explore opportunities beyond traditional coursework through engaging events, internship opportunities, and student clubs and organizations.

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Apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios through internships that provide valuable insights into indigenous issues. We encourage you to take advantage of internship opportunities in the Qualla Boundary, about an hour’s drive from the University, developed as part of UNC Asheville’s partnership with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Contact Trey Adcock, Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, for more information about Indigenous Studies internships.

Native American Student Association

We invite you to join this vibrant community dedicated to fostering awareness and understanding of Native American cultures and identities. Open to people who embrace all things about indigenous cultures or who want to deepen their knowledge, the Native American Student Association (NASA) facilitates cultural exchange and support for Native American students and students of all backgrounds. Recognizing that our campus has a small Native population, the group emphasizes finding new ways to recruit Native American students to UNC Asheville.

AIIS Faculty

Our esteemed faculty members bring diverse expertise and passion to the American Indian and Indigenous Studies minor. They nurture students’ interests and encourage them to think critically, ask questions, engage with the community, and contribute to academic discussions.

Careers & Outcomes

Our interconnected curriculum allows our graduates to pursue myriad career paths, from advocacy to education to business, showcasing the versatile outcomes of an education in indigenous studies. Students with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and an AIIS minor find meaningful careers working in nonprofits or community organizations and may attain roles that engage with law and policy, academia, communications and marketing, language preservation, activism, and more.

Many graduates of the American Indian and Indigenous Studies minor also seek graduate education at the master’s or doctoral level to continue their academic pursuits or further their professional careers.

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Complement Your Liberal Arts and Sciences Education in Our American Indian and Indigenous Studies Minor

By enrolling in the American Indian and Indigenous Studies minor at UNC Asheville, you enrich your knowledge of the traditions, histories, and contemporary issues of Native communities. Learn from expert faculty with expertise in the field and engage with a diverse community of learners who share a passion for understanding and respecting indigenous perspectives.

Join the minor and experience dynamic coursework, interactive discussions, and immersive experiences that help you thrive academically.

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