Deepen your understanding of the experience of Black people in society and culture and form a foundation for addressing the broad issues affecting Africans and peoples of African descent.

Why Minor in Africana Studies?

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Africana Studies Outside the Classroom

Discover the various extracurricular activities, events, and collaborative projects that Africana Studies minors engage in beyond the traditional classroom setting. From student organizations to the Sankofa Living Learning Community, students have ample opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts.

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We welcome first-year students of color to experience Sankofa, a living and learning community where students can foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in their new UNC Asheville home. In Sankofa, students live and learn alongside their peers, creating lasting friendships and enriching their educational journey.

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Moja, an Interdisciplinary Journal of Africana Studies

An open-access platform for interdisciplinary scholarly dialogues, Moja encourages discussion on topics from all disciplines related to Africana studies. The work Moja publishes explores the contours of Africa and the African Diaspora and provides spaces to engage with subjects, stories, and experiences from diverse systems of knowledge and knowing. 

Moja invites the submission of scholarly, critical, theoretical, or pedagogical works spanning not only the traditional ways of understanding “disciplinary views” but also creating a welcoming environment for varied viewpoints. Members of the Editorial Board, as well as other affiliated scholars, peer-review Moja submissions.

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We regularly invite speakers to campus to engage students and the community in lively discussions pertinent to the study of the African Diaspora and related subjects. These events have included hosting the 8th Annual African Americans in Western North Carolina & Southern Appalachia Conference, a symposium focused on supporting positive outcomes for Black youth, and many more.

See our upcoming events to stay abreast of opportunities to meaningfully engage with Africana Studies.


Get to know the accomplished and passionate faculty members who guide and inspire Africana Studies students. Learn about their research interests, teaching philosophies, and the wealth of expertise they bring to the UNC Asheville academic community.

Africana Studies Careers & Outcomes

With an interdisciplinary studies bachelor’s degree and a minor in Africana Studies, students prepare for a variety of purposeful career paths. Graduates bring strengths in critical thinking, problem-solving, adaptability, and communication, making them excellent candidates for professions ranging from academia and research to community development, advocacy, and beyond.

The Africana Studies minor from UNC Asheville equips students with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in various professional fields. Our graduates also gain acceptance into well-respected graduate programs in African American studies or related disciplines.

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Explore Cultures and Perspectives as an Africana Studies Minor at UNC Asheville

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with an Africana Studies minor allows you to embark on a transformative academic journey. As you experience our commitment to your personal and professional growth, we empower you to contribute to the global conversation on some of the most pressing issues related to Africa, the African Diaspora, and the interconnected communities that make up our world.

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