The Interdisciplinary Studies degree program at UNC Asheville is ideal for curious, open-minded, and adaptable students who seek a flexible and holistic approach to their education.

Why Choose an Interdisciplinary Studies Major at UNC Asheville?

Student Spotlight

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Outside the Classroom

Our program emphasizes hands-on learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. Unlike many other universities, more than 65% of UNC Asheville students complete undergraduate research, and our Undergraduate Research Program (URP) helps to facilitate these projects. We also promote global citizenship among students through the Study Abroad Program. As a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), we provide opportunities for students to study at over 200 universities in more than 40 countries.

Meet the Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty

Experienced and dedicated faculty support your academic and personal growth and enrich UNC Asheville’s Interdisciplinary Studies program. Our faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from diverse ethnicities and nations of origin, languages, and academic disciplines, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging learning experience.

Interdisciplinary Studies Careers & Outcomes

Versatile and customizable, an Interdisciplinary Studies degree allows students to develop a unique skill set that combines knowledge and perspectives from multiple disciplines. The Interdisciplinary Studies program equips students with problem-solving skills that address contemporary societal issues on both local and global levels. This prepares them for various career paths, including government, business, law, humanitarian organizations, journalism, the arts, teaching, and many more.

Graduates of UNC Asheville’s Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program have attained careers in a range of industries as well as entrance into graduate programs at renowned universities.

Concentrations Within the Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Minors, Programs & Certificates

Explore Boundless Possibilities With an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

The Interdisciplinary Studies major at UNC Asheville empowers you to explore diverse subjects, merge ideas from various fields, and discover unexpected connections that can shape the future. Our program is a gateway to a world of boundless possibilities, where you can delve into the intersection of art and science, business and sustainability, technology, and social impact.

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