In an increasingly interconnected world, the Asian Studies minor empowers you with knowledge that broadens your perspective and prepares you for a career in business, academia, or beyond.

Why Study Asian Culture, History, and Language at UNC Asheville?

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Learn Mandarin

Learning a second language makes you a competitive candidate in the job market. In the Asian Studies program, whether you are a beginner or seeking to enhance your proficiency, our courses lay a solid linguistic foundation. You learn essential vocabulary, pronunciation, and basic conversational skills, as well as written characters, all while guided by our resident expert and Asian Studies program director, Jinhua Li.

Outside the Classroom

Here, your education expands beyond the classroom. As you deepen your knowledge and appreciation for Asian culture, stories, and perspectives, you engage in hands-on learning opportunities across campus through student clubs and events and lecture series.

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Join Student Organizations

Asian Students in Asheville (A.S.I.A.), an organization that represents the increasing population of Asian/Asian-American and Pacific Islander students at UNC Asheville, promotes awareness through social, cultural, and educational events. This student-led group helps Asian/Asian-American students in their academic and social lives, working to enrich the campus through a variety of programs and activities.

someone dressed in a traditional Chinese cultural costume

Participate in Campus Events

A hub for innovation and action, UNC Asheville regularly invites guest speakers to campus to engage us in discussion on some of the most pressing topics related to academic, social, and political issues. These experiences contextualize what you learn in the classroom and build cross-disciplinary connections.


Our faculty encourages you to reach your full potential and explore your interests in whatever exciting direction they may take you. Bringing expertise and experience to the classroom, they aim to make your time at UNC Asheville meaningful and impactful so you can do great things in the world.

Careers & Outcomes

Our comprehensive Asian Studies program opens doors to a multitude of exciting career paths and meaningful outcomes, not only equipping students with a deep understanding of the diverse cultures, histories, and languages of Asia but also preparing them for success in a globalized world. Potential careers and outcomes that await include those with nonprofit and humanitarian organizations, primary and secondary schools, journalism and media, and research and academia.

In addition to the many career paths our students may pursue, multiple opportunities exist for advanced study through a graduate program. Our students may consider master’s or doctoral programs in disciplines related to Asian studies, such as international affairs, anthropology, history, or language and literature.

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Empower Your Future in UNC Asheville’s Asian Studies Minor

Designed to empower you with a comprehensive understanding of the rich and diverse cultures that make up Asia, the Asian Studies program introduces you to the interconnectedness of societies across the continent. From ancient civilizations to contemporary societies, you delve into the history, art, literature, and socio-political landscapes that shape this dynamic and influential region.

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