UNC Asheville’s Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication program prepares students for careers in the communication industry, including journalism, advertising, public relations, broadcasting, and digital media.

Why Study Mass Communication at UNC Asheville?

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Outside the Classroom

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In addition to research opportunities, UNC Asheville mass communication students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities that can boost their skills and knowledge. Numerous students pursue original film projects, contribute to the Blue Banner – the University’s student-run newspaper – and join mass communication-related campus organizations. Additionally, they can attend conferences and workshops to expand their understanding of the industry and connect with professionals.

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Internships for Mass Communication Majors

The BA in mass communication also provides students with a comprehensive internship program that offers practical experience and helps them apply theory and research in a variety of industries. These internships allow students to explore possible career paths, build portfolios, and develop professional contacts that can help them in their job search after graduation. Our Mass communication faculty also offer additional support with internships, ensuring that students graduate with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the competitive world of media and communication.

Meet the Faculty

UNC Asheville’s Mass Communication Department has a team of passionate faculty members who teach both theory and practice, providing students with a well-rounded, comprehensive education. Besides teaching, they also participate in research and community involvement, making valuable contributions to the field of mass communication.

Communication Major Careers & Outcomes

The BA in mass communication program equips graduates with the skills needed for a successful long-term career in various fields such as journalism and television. Students can also pursue a range of careers in production, film, public relations, marketing, social media management, and more. The program also prepares students for further education in graduate school, law, corporate management, teaching, and other industries that require the ability to analyze complex information and communicate it effectively.

With the guidance of our experienced faculty and connection with UNC Asheville resources, our graduates are well-positioned to pursue their career goals and make an impact in the always-transforming world of communication. Our graduates hold professional positions such as guest relations associate, marketing communications coordinator, community engagement manager, marketing consultant, undergraduate communications specialist, director of digital branding and e-commerce, and more. Alums also complete graduate degrees in mass communication, media studies, journalism and film.

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Shape the Future of Media With a Major in Mass Communication From UNC Asheville

In the Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication program, you’ll learn how to create compelling content that informs, entertains, and inspires. With innovative facilities and a faculty of industry experts, you’ll develop the skills to launch a successful career in a variety of industries, from journalism and film to advertising and public relations. 

Join our community of passionate and engaged students and discover the endless possibilities of a mass communication degree!

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