U.S. Ethnic Studies

U.S. ethnic studies at UNC Asheville investigates the role of community, history, and politics on racial identity and the experience of race and ethnicity in the historical and contemporary United States, often connecting local and domestic issues with their larger global contexts.

The interdisciplinary nature of the minor is consistent with the nature of the field of ethnic studies and facilitates a holistic approach to the study of race and ethnicity. Courses focus on issues around race in three thematic categories: Arts and Culture, History and Politics, and Power and Institutions.

The U.S. ethnic studies minor entails least 18 hours including the Introduction to Ethnic Studies course (ETHN 100) and additional elective courses, to include at least one course each from the Arts and Culture list (which includes courses in art history, literature and music); the History and Politics list (including anthropology, history, philosophy, political science and sociology), and the Power and Institutions list (which includes courses from the classics, economics, health & wellness promotion, history, religious studies and sociology departments).

Courses must be chosen from at least three disciplines, and no more than two courses used to fulfill the requirements of other majors, minors, or concentrations may be used for this minor.

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