Mass Communication

Who We Are

Our graduates work at large metropolitan newspapers and in Hollywood production offices. They create original films and documentaries, design strategic communication plans for major corporations, produce broadcast news, develop podcasts, and pursue graduate degrees in myriad fields. The range of their pursuits reflect the opportunities available in today’s evolving media industries, as well as the skills taught within the department. Our mass communication faculty bring both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to students, equipping graduates with a foundation from which to launch careers as journalists, communication professionals, film producers, social media strategists, photographers, scholars, and more.

What You’ll Learn

All mass communication majors take foundational courses in journalism, video production, communication theory, media law, and ethics before creating a course of study to develop expertise within your chosen media field. Beyond the classroom, many of our students produce original film projects, complete internships to gain real-world experience, and work for the university’s student-run newspaper, The Blue Banner. In short, our graduates learn what it takes to thrive in today’s dynamic media industries.

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