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Who We Are

Created with code and inspired by traditional art and design, New Media at UNC Asheville encompasses software art, science visualization, robotics, virtual reality, and augmented architecture. Student and faculty work includes two- and three-dimensional animation, stop motion, video, audio/visual, interactive art and design, 3D printing, web-based platforms, sonic art, performance art, installations, client-driven design, and digital prints. Our department focuses on creativity and innovation in the study of new media within a liberal arts education. We encourage students to think critically, take risks, and collaborate across disciplines.

What You’ll Learn

By studying theory and through hands-on practice, students learn to explore and articulate emerging technological forms of art, design and communication. Not only do new media majors master state-of-the-art tools and software, they also learn how art, media, and culture affect each other and society as they develop their own creative approach. Beyond the classroom, students find inspiration from renowned visiting artists and guest speakers, and they can get a head start on their careers through internships in art and design. From software developers to climate researchers to experimental artists, our graduates have become leaders in some of the fastest growing fields of our time.

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