Our mission at the UNC Asheville Health & Counseling Center is to be student-centered and offer services to meet the needs and lifestyles of the individuals we serve. Services are offered in a collaborative approach in order to address the needs of the whole person.

  • We believe that the physical, psychological, spiritual, and social well-being are interconnected and related to our student’s ability to learn, serve the community, and maintain health in a collegiate environment.
  • We believe in the importance of partnering with students to encourage their quest for health and well-being which leads to academic success.
  • We encourage students to adopt a lifelong commitment to wellness and healthy living through education and outreach activities.
  • We support alternative approaches to health care and consider their effectiveness when addressing the unique needs of our students.


UNC Asheville Health and Counseling Center recognizes that physical, psychological, and social well being are deeply interconnected, especially in relation to our students’ ability to learn and serve. We offer an integrated care model which combines counseling, medical care, and health promotion under one department to address the needs of our students.


  • Staff strives to understand the whole person in the delivery of care and are committed to supporting the academic and social success of all students.
  • Staff are health care professionals and educators who listen without judgment and assist students in pursuit of physical, psychological, spiritual, and social well-being.
  • Staff are committed to expanding their knowledge base, continually taking an inventory of skills, and seeking opportunities for professional growth.


  1. Provide and expand integrated care approach to all health and counseling services.
  2. Improve services to address the needs of diverse populations.
  3. Optimize case management services to enhance retention and support student success.
  4. Provide a more systematic and focused approach to outreach activities related to health and counseling issues (integrated care) relevant to the college population.


  • Provide and expand integrated care approach to all health and counseling services.
  • Improve services to address the needs of diverse populations.
  • Optimize case management services to enhance retention and support student success.
  • Provide a systematic and focused approach to health prevention activities relevant to the college population.

Facilities & Services

Health & Counseling Center services are available to all currently enrolled UNC Asheville students. It offers medical, counseling, and psychiatric services and can be accessed through appointments.  Although we strive to accommodate student schedules, we generally operate on an appointment basis. Emergency counseling services are available for students in distress. For medical emergencies, call 911.

Our medical providers in Health Services are available to assist you with various illnesses and injuries. Office visits and medical examinations are free of charge. Small fees are required for laboratory services, medications and minor surgical procedures.

Our mental health professionals in Counseling Services are available for short-term, goal-oriented individual counseling appointments and often design various group counseling experiences depending on demand for services. We see students for a wide variety of issues including but not limited to anxiety, depression, substance use/abuse, anger, bipolar disorder, relationship issues, and self-awareness. Individual counseling appointments are usually 50 minutes in length. Our center works from a solution-focused, brief counseling model due to high demand for services. Sometimes issues come up that cannot be satisfactorily addressed within this model and are outside the scope of our services. Together, you and your counselor may explore finding an off-campus resource for more appropriate intensive or longer-term ongoing care.

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

The purpose of the publication of the Rights and Responsibilities of Students is to insure that all rights and responsibilities related to patient/client care are identified, documented, and communicated to all patients/clients. This policy applies to all patients and clients who receive services at the Center and is intended to establish the rights and responsibilities for all patients/clients, as well as to clearly identify and communicate these rights to students receiving services.

I. All patients/clients shall receive a copy of the patient rights and responsibilities upon their first visit to the Center.

II. As an active participant in your care, you have the following responsibilities:

  • It is your responsibility to provide full information about your illness or problem to allow proper evaluation and treatment.
  • It is your responsibility to show courtesy and respect to health care personnel and other patients/clients.
  • It is your responsibility to be informed. Ask you health care provider sufficient questions to ensure appropriate comprehension of your illness or problem. If you find the care or course of treatment unacceptable for any reason, please discuss this with a member of the staff. If you are dissatisfied, we request that you discuss your concerns with the Director of Health and Counseling.
  • It is your responsibility to use identified methods of expressing grievances and suggestions, whenever indicated, rather than remaining silent in order to assist the Center in improving quality of its services.
  • You are responsible for continued care after you leave the Health and Counseling Center. You may meet with a provider prior to your departure to explore possible avenues for continued treatment. It is your responsibility to be aware of when and where to get further treatment, as well as what you need to do at home to assist in your recovery. If your continuity of care is disrupted, it is your responsibility to seek additional resources by contacting your primary healthcare provider.
  • You are responsible for keeping all appointments. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel or reschedule within 24 hours. A missed appointment fee is charged if you do not cancel or reschedule your appointment.
  • You are responsible for communicating with your healthcare provider if your condition worsens or does not follow the expected course.

III. All patients/clients are entitled to the following patient rights:

  • The right to be treated with respect, dignity, and consideration.
  • The right to know who is counseling, caring for, and treating you, as well as the practitioner’s name and professional qualifications.
  • The right to accurate information to the extent known, concerning diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of an illness or health related condition in terms you can understand. When it is not medically advisable to give such information to the student, the information should be available to an appropriate person.
  • The right to receive information necessary to give informed consent prior to start of any procedure or treatment from the health care provider. Except in emergencies, this information shall include the purpose and description of the procedure or treatment, medically significant risks and alternate courses of treatment.
  • The right to participate in decisions which are made regarding your health care treatment. We respect your right to make decisions based on your personal beliefs and values, as well as on available medical information. This includes the right to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the medical consequences and actions.
  • The right to expect that all communication and record pertaining to your care will be treated as confidential and require your written request for release except as required by law.
  • The right to information about continuing health care requirements such as return visits and required medications.
  • The right to application of all your patient rights by the person who may have legal responsibility to make decisions regarding medical care on your behalf.
  • The right to register a complaint regarding the quality of care provided, the quality of service delivered, or other valid concerns.
  • The right to information regarding the fees for service, particularly notification as to what services may involve additional charges. You have the right to examine and receive full explanation of your bill.

Meet our Staff

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Contact the Health & Counseling Center

Open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

118 W.T. Weaver Blvd, Asheville, NC 28804

If you have an immediate emergency, please call Campus Police at (828) 232-5000 and then dial 911.

Regular Hours: (828) 251-6520
After Hours: +1 (888) 267-3675 (NOT for medication refill and/or appointments)
Campus Police: (828) 232-5000
Mobile Crisis: +1 (888) 573-1006
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: +1 (800) 273-8255