The Office of University Events is here to help you navigate the University’s events process. In addition to securing space, we can assist you with event permitting and advise you on program design. Our team will partner with you to identify your goals and objectives, help you understand university policies, and connect you with the tools you need for a successful event. We offer comprehensive support for your event planning, including logistics, policies, protocol, and contingency planning.

  • Venue booking
  • Event planning and review
  • Advice for event logistics
  • Audio and visual set-up possibilities
  • Assistance with arranging support services from campus partners, such as:
    • Parking and Transportation
    • Catering
    • Bookstore
    • University Police
    • Campus Operations
    • Communications and Marketing

To begin please choose the user type that applies to you: 

When you complete the University Event Request Form, it is important to keep in mind that:

  • Priority will be given to regularly scheduled academic courses that are part of a semester.
  • Submitting the University Event Request Form does not constitute a space approval, or event approval. An event permit is issued to approved events and serves as confirmation that a University space has been reserved.
  • All events on campus must have an event permit, which can be obtained through the University Events office, before events are promoted.  
  • Public users are required to provide at least 24-hours notice prior to their use of a Designated Public Forum. The maximum duration of any public user activity, assembly, or demonstration at a Designated Public Forum is two (2) hours.

Silvia Meyer

Director of University Events
Phone: (828) 255-7100

Robert Straub

Director of Special Events
Phone: (828) 251-6998

Chris Asbill

Assistant Director of University Events
Phone: (828) 251-6996

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