Student Employment Portal

The Student Employment Portal is the centralized location for all information and processes related to employment. Students can search for all on-campus work opportunities, including Federal Work Study (FWS) and Non-FWS positions. Faculty and staff supervisors will use the portal to post jobs, review applicants, and hire students. To access the Student Employment Portal, log in to OnePort, click “Employment” and then click “Student Employment”. 

All steps of the student employment hiring process will be completed in the Student Employment Portal.

someone sitting down for an interview on an office
  1. Supervisor creates a job posting. 
  2. Student reviews open job postings and applies.
  3. Supervisor interviews student(s) to determine who to hire.
  4. Supervisor submits a Hire Request for chosen student(s).
  5. Student completes any missing, required hiring documents, which include the Form I-9, W-4, NC-4, and Direct Deposit.
  6. Fund Manager reviews and either edits, returns, or approves the Hire Request.
  7. Student Employment reviews and either edits, returns, or approves the Hire Request. 
  8. Student accepts the position through their Dashboard.
  9. Student can now begin working!

Payroll and Timesheets

Student employees are required to track, enter, and submit accurate hours worked by the conclusion of each pay period through the bi-weekly online timesheet in OnePort. The 2024 Bi-weekly Payroll Calendar shows the start and end dates of each bi-weekly work period and the corresponding pay date including any adjusted dates for holidays and breaks. The time sheet submission deadline for student employees is midnight on the last day of the bi-weekly pay period, every other Sunday at 11:59 p.m. For supervisors, the approval deadline for supervisors is 5 p.m. on the Tuesday after the bi-weekly pay period has closed. Supervisors should verify and approve online student employee timesheet(s) for completeness and accuracy at the conclusion of each pay period through OnePort.

To ensure timesheets are submitted correctly and by the deadline, we recommend adding the hours you worked to your timesheet after each shift, bookmarking the 2024 Bi-weekly Payroll Calendar in your browser, and setting a reminder in Google Calendar to automatically receive a prompt to complete your timesheet at the end of each bi-weekly pay period.

All payroll processes are managed by the Payroll Department. If you have any questions related to pay, please contact Payroll by phone at 828-251-6665, by email at, or in person at Phillips Hall Office 120. All student employees and supervisors will also receive reminder emails from Payroll.

Completing Your Timesheet

  1. Log into OnePort.
  2. Click “Employment” in the menu on the left.
  3. Choose “Timesheet (Temp/Student Employee).” 
  4. Make sure your role is chosen and click “TimeSheet”. If you have more than one on-campus job, you’ll need to select the specific role that you’re inputting hours for.
  5. Input all hours worked.
  6. Double-check your hours are correct and click “Submit for Approval.” 

Falsifying timesheets, including adding hours to a timesheet that were not worked on that date, is a violation of federal and state law. 

Completing a Late Timesheet

If a student employee fails to submit their completed timesheet by the conclusion of the pay period (every other Sunday at 11:59 p.m.), they are required to complete a Late Timesheet within the following bi-weekly work period. 

The Late Timesheet Form is an Excel file and must be downloaded and completed on a PC computer. For Mac users, opening the document on a Mac changes the encryption required on the form and therefore will not be accepted by Payroll. If you can’t access MS Excel, please visit the Career Center in Ramsey Library and we will be able to assist you. Only record hours not approved in OnePort.

  1. Fill out the Late Timesheet Form. The only fields that should be handwritten after printing are the student employee’s signature and the supervisor’s signature and printed name. All other information should be typed in prior to printing.
  2. The student and the supervisor will sign the late timesheet.
  3. Submit your late timesheet to Payroll in Phillips 120.

Information and Resources for Supervisors

Everything a supervisor needs for student employment hiring will be done in the Student Employment Portal, including posting jobs, reviewing applicants, hiring students, ensuring required hiring documentation is complete, and confirming a student is approved to begin working. 

Supervisors must share expressed written approval from their respective Vice Chancellor, Dean, or Director before a new job posting or Hire Request is processed and approved. Please contact if you have any questions about current University budget guidelines.  


You must first create a profile in the Student Employment Portal in order to post a job or hire a student. Fund managers already have profiles created within the system and can skip this step. 

  1. Navigate to the Access Request Form.
  2. Complete all fields of the request form.
  • You will be asked to input a password. This password will be replaced by Single Sign On (SSO) once your Access Request is approved.
  • In the “Employer” drop-down menu, select the department and fund number you use to hire student employees. The menu is searchable by department or fund name.
  • If you hire through more than one fund number, please add the additional fund numbers you need access to in the “Notes” box. The admin will add these to your profile when approving your account.
  1. Click “Submit” to complete the Access Request Form.

Once the access request is submitted, it will go through an admin for review and approval. You will receive an email when the request has been approved and then you will be able to fully utilize the Student Employment Portal.

Supervisors and hiring managers will use this process to log in after their profile is created and approved. 

  1. Log in using Single Sign On (SSO) at this link. OR log in using Single Sign On (SSO) within OnePort.
  2. Navigate to OnePort.
  3. In the menu, click “Employment”
  4. Click on “Student Employment” 
  5. Under Faculty & Staff, click “Your (Supervisor & Fund Manager) Dashboard”
Check out this step-by-step guide for posting a job
  1. On your Control Panel, click “+ Add a job.”
  2. Choose your department from the drop-down menu and click “Go to Next Step.” 
  3. Select the appropriate “Job Type” and click “Go to Next Step.”
  4. Fill out the job posting template and click “Submit.” 
  5. Review what the student will see when applying for this job. Add any additional questions or documents you’d like students to submit with their application. Click “Submit.”
  6. Finalize the job posting by selecting when you want the job posting: 
  • to be reviewed by an admin for approval
  • to be listed and visible to students; and 
  • to be taken down and no longer visible to students (the closing or expiration date of the job posting).
  1. Click “Click here to Finish!” to complete the job posting process.

Once the job posting is submitted, it will go through an admin for review and approval. You will receive an email when the posting has been approved and is live in the Student Employment Portal. 

Supervisors: Directions for Reviewing and Approving Timesheets

  • Log into OnePort.
  • Click “Employment” in the menu on the left.
  • Choose “Timesheet (Temp/Student Employee).” 
  • The selection criteria should auto-select an “Approve” or “Acknowledge Time” choice. If it does not, choose that option from the list and press “Select.” 
  • The appropriate pay period automatically defaults to the current pay period. Double-check that the biweekly dates listed are accurate and click “Select.” 
  • Review the student employee’s entered hours for accuracy. If everything is correct, approve the timesheet. Do this for each student employee you supervise. If changes are needed, click the option to return the timesheet to the student employee for edits.

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